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August 31, 2015

Greyson Bob Lambert to start

For my money, it just means he's out there for the first series. While it is fun to read lots into who takes the first snap, I wouldn't...yet.

As for Lambert, he graduated UVA in three years while playing football. We know he's smart enough to do this. His stats were....interesting:

154-261 (59% completion); 6.3 yards/attempt, 10TDs-11Ints, 181.3 yards/game

That 6.3 yards per attempt really gets me. Hutson went for nearly 8 y/att last year. Some of that is UVA passing attack guerrilla skirmish. Much of that is the players Lambert had around him. Especially the rushing game. For reference, Nick Chubb nearly out rushed UVA by himself.

Just stuff to think about as we watch closely on Monday.

Indoor Practice Facility approved

Renderings are for demonstration purposes only.

ESPN's song list

At least there is no Florida-Georgia Line(sic).

And that is that on student tickets being resold for Bama

Athletic Association quashes many dreams and beer funds.
FWIW, it is the right thing to do.

New guys on campus: playing or not?

A little tradition where Tyler gives a prediction about what newcomers will play. My greatest hit...
One last one that I just cannot figure out....
Todd Gurley (RB) - It is impossible to say what will happen with Gurley.  I had him in the absolutely going to play list. I had him on the absolutely red shirt list. The latest reports out of camp are that he has done a great job mastering the play book. He got the best vote of confidence Bobo knows how to give when he was said to be 'picking up blocking schemes' well. If pressed on it, I'd say he plays, but it really is wholly dependent on how Boo/Richard does, how well Marshall does, and how well the other two FBs (Hicks and Merritt Hall) do, and how strongly Gurley comes on in camp.
So, yeah. Pretty much ignore everything else in this post. Still, I've gotta do this for my own edification.

A caveat, I think we'll play a bunch of freshmen through the season. Coach Richt has shown a willingness to put his best players on the field over the past few season. I don't expect that to change, though in fairness to my prediction in 2012, that was still a thing then.

I expect Thomson, McGraw, Amechi, Roquan, and Patrick all to start games at some point this season, with McGraw possibly starting UL-Monroe. Jake Ganus will play a bunch as well. On the offensive side, Goodwin and Chigbu are going to have substantive playing time, if not starts this season. Look for some of those young OLinemen to get plenty of game minutes through the season. Same goes for Shaq Wilson at WR.

Now for the guys I think will get red shirted (since this is really a post for us to mock in a year or two):

Mirko Jurkovic (OL) - Ok, he's hurt, so I know he won't play. I had to take a gimme first.

Tae Crowder (RB) - We've had some biblical level stuff go down if Crowder gets his red shirt taken off. I did not meant that as blaspheme, honest.

Grayson Lambert (QB) - Just seeing if y'all are still paying attention.

Johnathan Abram (S) - I haven't heard very much about him, good or bad, out of Pruitt. Which probably means he's as likely to start as to be Dak Prescott on the Scout team.

DaQuan Hawkins (DL) - Same as above, plus he didn't get to campus until like a week ago or something.

So, yeah. I guess I need to downgrade Georgia because we'll likely start 17 freshmen and two transfers, right?

And it's game week

I'm gonna leave a little warm up music right here while I go run through some walls.

August 28, 2015

Students mad at the wrong guys

The Red and Black has the news that not all students that wanted season tickets will get all seven games. There will be a lottery for South Carolina and Alabama tickets.

I'd say the students are mad at the wrong people. Look out for the student tickets that'll be for sale, particularly for the Alabama game. As a student, that's who I'd be mad at.

As an alumni, I'm going to be mad at those students when I see hounds tooth in the student section.

WSLS College Football Pick'em is up

We have games next Thurs. Get in the fun.


August 27, 2015

Waitin' Since Last Saturday, Ep 004

Scott and I tackle tailgating, since Will, you know, is a St. Louis Cardinals fan who is road tripping to see them in exotic locales, like Phoenix.

You can subscribe at iTunesSoundCloud, or most other podcast apps. If you want to use the rss feed to subscribe, here is your link.

Ess Eee See!

Take a look at this:

In one picture you can see what computers think of the SEC's strength of schedule.

You have to go to 15th (USC) to find a non-SEC team that is expected to win more games against an 'average' schedule than their actual schedule. The upside? Georgia has the smallest spread of the ten SEC teams in the MP index top 25.

Also, this easily illustrates why all 61 AP voters put Ohio State as their number one team.

August 26, 2015

Hoop Dawgs to face Baylor in SEC-Big 12 Challenge

Slated for 6pm tip in Waco on January 30th. We'll televised on ESPN2. Baylor lost to Georgia State in the first round of the NCAA tourney last year as a 3 seed, but should still be a top 25 RPI team this season, so it is a very good test to see how UGA stacks up against a team guaranteed to make the NCAA tourney.

See also:
- Georgia Basketball Blog's preview of Baylor

Throw the damn ball, Schotty!

Matt Brown at Sports on Earth's assessment of UGA's offense:
Schottenheimer has much to prove after an underwhelming stint in the NFL, and for the second year in a row Georgia will have a new quarterback, tapping sophomore Brice Ramsey, junior Faton Bauta or Virginia graduate transfer Greyson Lambert. A limited passing game did hinder the Bulldogs at times last year, but given the state of the running game, we shouldn't worry about the Georgia offense right now. Somehow, Georgia already proved that it can keep rolling without Todd Gurley, as Nick Chubb was phenomenal when given the lead role in the second half of last season. Chubb ran 219 times for 1,547 yards and 14 touchdowns, averaging over seven yards per carry. He's one of the most talented all-around players in college football -- a legitimate Heisman candidate -- and he has one of the best, most experienced offensive lines in front of him, led by Greg Pyke and John Theus. This run game will keep rolling, and it will be bolstered by hopefully having a healthier Sony Michel and Keith Marshall.
Most of agree about what opening up the passing game does for UGA's run game, but the reason I'm so high on Georgia is that we don't necessarily have to sling the ball around to get that bump. We only need to have the threat of a deep ball that we didn't have last year to do so. Remember, Todd Gurley completed Georgia's longest passing play of the season last year. Give Schotty a QB that he can feel comfortable with calling for those downfield pass plays and we are in business.

Boy, I can't wait for someone in my section to yell 'throw the damn ball, Schotty!'


August 25, 2015

Brace yourself: 1980 UGA was the worst national champion of the last 35 years

I wonder how folks on the Dawgvent will find a way to blame Mark Richt for this.

The funny thing is that I can't argue with their logic, except they downplayed that year's Notre Dame team as only ranked 9th. They came in ranked that low due to recency bias, having tied a terrible Georgia Tech the same weekend UGA beat Florida and lost to a good Southern Cal team to end the regular season. Still, it is hard to argue with
One of the great things about college football's structure is that a "season-long playoff" is supposed to prevent an underqualified team from claiming No. 1. It might've failed in 1980, as it crowned a Georgia team that didn't play a ranked opponent until November, missed playing the other best team in the SEC (Alabama) and then drew final AP No. 9 Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl instead of more challenging opponents. Dawg fans should be grateful that they drew the Irish instead of a more talented version of the Pitt team that would beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl one year later.
But, by that metric, I'd expect to see 1984 BYU mentioned somewhere. I guess when BYU wins the title, playing a 6-5 team on December 21st in their bowl game, the CFB season was probably a stinker.

Jason Kirk doesn't believe

Though I have to assume he thinks UGA wins the East. He has us in the Citrus Bowl vs. whatever team OMG!1!!Jim Harbaugh is coaching, with Alabama getting a playoff nod, and Auburn plus Ole Miss being picked for the NYD six bowls.

He also has 12 SEC teams in bowls, so the Independence Bowl gets a four million dollar coach, y'all.

Spencer Hall on the SEC is Peak Spencer Hall

Go read all of these. Now.

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