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October 25, 2014


I normally try to get a trip of some sort in during the off week if it falls right before the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. This year, the wife and I are cruising out of Jacksonville to the Bahamas.  I have a few things qued up for the next week, but posting will be light until Thursday or Friday.

Considering what I expect my bar tab to be, it might be light those days, too.

October 23, 2014

The ball ain't heavy

I love me some Nick Chubb:
Chubb said the heavy workload hasn't impacted him because he got plenty of snaps at Cedartown High.
“In high school, I got about 30 carries (a game) and played defense,” he said.
I get there is some drop off from the SEC to Region 5-AAA, but still. He's leading the conference in touches in conference games.

Thursday night game

In the pick'em pool. Get your picks in.

October 22, 2014

UGA to request reinstatement for Gurley: But how many games will he be out?

Can be found here.
Todd has confirmed his desire to seek reinstatement, and the University fully supports Todd's request. The University plans to file the necessary paperwork with the NCAA later today.
The rub is it looks like the University was done on October 9th, which was the day he was suspended. The DawgVent melt down begins in 3....2.....1....

My take is absent information to the contrary, and with consultation of William King, Gurley's UGA funded compliance lawyer, UGA felt they had enough to show he would be out at least two games. And King was holding UGA off so he could do his diligence.

What the statement didn't address, and the $400 question out there, is how many games did UGA ask for him to be reinstated after.

Will Muschamp not fired watch: Day 2

  • Jones: How did Florida and Will Muschamp wind up here?
    • So it's easy to point at Muschamp but look around. This staff, as a whole, just might be the worst Florida has had in two decades as far as getting production in key situations when needed most. All came to UF with accomplished careers. The stock has risen ... on none of them.
  • Statistics do not favor Florida Gators embattled coach Will Muschamp
    • Following the team’s fifth home loss in two years, Muschamp again repeated that his team’s struggles fall on his shoulders. And yet, he appeared to blame his players for their constant issues in pass protection, special teams execution and quarterback play.
  • And you've also lost Tim Tebow
    • "I don't think the offense has an identity right now, and I don't think that they know what they want their identity to be," the former Florida quarterback said on Jacksonville sports radio station 1010 XL. "One of the biggest problems on the offense is leadership."

October 21, 2014

CBS picks Georgia 5th in the SEC

Basketball season is right around the corner. UGA finished tied for 2nd with Kentucky in the regular season, and lost to the Wildcats in the semifinals of the SEC tournament.
The regular season kicks off at Tech on November 14th.

Bovada Odds has Georgia moving on up

Odds courtesy of Bovada.

Alabama                                   8/1                     6/1
Mississippi State                       7/1                    13/2
Florida State                             6/1                     7/1
Mississippi                               15/2                   15/2
Oregon                                     14/1                   15/2
Georgia                                    14/1                    8/1
Michigan State                          15/2                   9/1
Ohio State                                14/1                   10/1

I guess going on the road and winning with your fourth string TB means something to bettors.

Profiles in irony: Bryan Allen doesn't like reporters

I know it is as shocking to you as it is to Bryan Allen, but reporters want to talk to him:
SB Nation reported that Allen's email to them said he would be "crucified if my name was released."
Copyright: Mack Williams
Used with permission

He also asked police to come back to his house late one night last week. But according to cell phone video shot by a neighbor, Allen seemed more worried about reporters than burglars.
He recognized that he'd be in for a rough patch if his name came out, while failing to see the irony of that recognition while emailing with reporters. I'm not saying it is ok for Georgia fans to assault him or burglar his house, but calling police to get the very people he was inviting into his life off of the street in front of his house is high comedy. Apparently not all publicity is good publicity.

The funniest part of his predicament is that it only ranks second in UGA's historical record of incidences where police are called to fix a problem that is caused by the doings of the person making the call.


Stacking the Everbank Field deck

Travis Fain with a winning idea:
As Bernie has already noted, absent a friendly fan discount, the cheapest after-market tickets for the Cocktail Party are going to be on the Florida side, which is the eastern side of the stadium this year.
But you don't want to sit with Florida people. So why not target a few key sections, see if we can load those up with Georgia fans?
He graciously mentions our ticket site, but a quick glance shows lot's of tickets around the stadium still available.

SEC Power Poll: Week 9

1. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 164 points (8 first-place votes)
2. Ole Miss Rebels, 159 (4)
3. Auburn Tigers, 140
4. Alabama Crimson Tide, 135
5. Georgia Bulldogs, 122
6. LSU Tigers, 108
7. Texas A&M Aggies, 85
8. Arkansas Razorbacks, 78
9. Missouri Tigers, 74
10. Kentucky Wildcats, 64
11. South Carolina Gamecocks, 49
12. Florida Gators, 36
13. Tennessee Volunteers, 34
14. Vanderbilt Commodores, 12

The Dawgs are right about where you'd think. Full poll with other voter's comments can be found here.

Will Muschamp not fired watch

October 20, 2014

Chubb and Swann Earn SEC Offensive and Defensive Player of the Week

Chubb goes over 200 yards on 30 carries. Swann had 11 tackles, a sack, and caused two fumbles.

Give Pruitt credit, moving Swann over to Star has been the key to Swann's, and the defense's, resurgence.

Parking needed for Florida

Looking for a Lot A for the Florida game. Feel free to contact me by Friday at, as I'm going to be out of touch for most of the week before the game.

SEC Power Poll: Week 9

  1. Ole Miss: Top defense in the nation. That wins championships in the SEC. In 2004.
  2. Mississippi State: Can they sustain the momentum after three straight huge wins?
  3. Auburn: If South Carolina beats Auburn this week, THAT would be a Clemsoning on Auburn's part.
  4. Alabama: Maybe that Texas A&M game from 2012 has been eating at Nick Saban.
  5. Georgia: The Dawgs are probably the least respected one loss team in the nation. I've heard rumors that GameDay is picking the bye week to give the Dawgs a good game this weekend.
  6. LSU: Showing that there is still a significant gap between the East and the West.
  7. Arkansas: Maybe being due isn't the best cure for no depth.
  8. Kentucky: Kentucky is still a young team looking for answers. And LSU is better than they've shown the past couple of weeks. Alternatively, Les Miles won a bet with a voodoo woman and the SEC West better watch out.
  9. Texas A&M: Now that's the Texas A&M we thought we were getting from the Big 12.
  10. Tennessee: The Vols bowl chances are firmly placed on their ability to keep Worley from getting sacked less than 50 more times this season. I'd take the over on that, by the way.
  11. Missouri: Somewhere in Columbia, a Missouri defensive player has just scored on Florida again.
  12. South Carolina: Steve Spurrier to Florida wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to South Carolina this season.
  13. Florida: Five years ago, who would have thought that Mike Bobo was the best head coaching candidate from Georgia's 1994 team?
  14. Vandy: Bye week bump, but still just 14th in the conference.

What Blutarsky said

Many thanks to Marc Weiszer and Fletcher Page for inviting me to be on the podcast this week. As you might imagine, Blutarsky had the better thought out answers to their questions, but I got a new thesaurus, so I did use some big words.
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