October 21, 2014

Will Muschamp not fired watch

October 20, 2014

Chubb and Swann Earn SEC Offensive and Defensive Player of the Week

Chubb goes over 200 yards on 30 carries. Swann had 11 tackles, a sack, and caused two fumbles.

Give Pruitt credit, moving Swann over to Star has been the key to Swann's, and the defense's, resurgence.

Parking needed for Florida

Looking for a Lot A for the Florida game. Feel free to contact me by Friday at tylerdawgden@gmail.com, as I'm going to be out of touch for most of the week before the game.

SEC Power Poll: Week 9

  1. Ole Miss: Top defense in the nation. That wins championships in the SEC. In 2004.
  2. Mississippi State: Can they sustain the momentum after three straight huge wins?
  3. Auburn: If South Carolina beats Auburn this week, THAT would be a Clemsoning on Auburn's part.
  4. Alabama: Maybe that Texas A&M game from 2012 has been eating at Nick Saban.
  5. Georgia: The Dawgs are probably the least respected one loss team in the nation. I've heard rumors that GameDay is picking the bye week to give the Dawgs a good game this weekend.
  6. LSU: Showing that there is still a significant gap between the East and the West.
  7. Arkansas: Maybe being due isn't the best cure for no depth.
  8. Kentucky: Kentucky is still a young team looking for answers. And LSU is better than they've shown the past couple of weeks. Alternatively, Les Miles won a bet with a voodoo woman and the SEC West better watch out.
  9. Texas A&M: Now that's the Texas A&M we thought we were getting from the Big 12.
  10. Tennessee: The Vols bowl chances are firmly placed on their ability to keep Worley from getting sacked less than 50 more times this season. I'd take the over on that, by the way.
  11. Missouri: Somewhere in Columbia, a Missouri defensive player has just scored on Florida again.
  12. South Carolina: Steve Spurrier to Florida wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to South Carolina this season.
  13. Florida: Five years ago, who would have thought that Mike Bobo was the best head coaching candidate from Georgia's 1994 team?
  14. Vandy: Bye week bump, but still just 14th in the conference.

What Blutarsky said

Many thanks to Marc Weiszer and Fletcher Page for inviting me to be on the podcast this week. As you might imagine, Blutarsky had the better thought out answers to their questions, but I got a new thesaurus, so I did use some big words.

Ole Miss fan not happy with Justin Worley

Crashes press conference to ask why he was the only Ole Miss person in the stadium Worley didn't throw an interception to.

3 Questions Answered: Arkansas

Nice win by a team coming into their own or all the breaks means a relatively easy win?

I'm happy with either....
  1. Can Georgia neutralize their passing game? Yes and no. The middle is still a concern, but I guess it is just going to be. We have definite issues with LBs covering late releasing receivers. Still, the pass rush, particularly from the edge, made the issue fairly moot in the end.
  2. Which team wins the turnover battle? "Georgia's successes have hinged on aggressively creating turnovers, while avoiding them when we have the ball. If we win the field position battle due to turnovers, we'll win the game. That simple." - NAILED IT
  3. Can Georgia play within our themselves? This is the part I think is over looked when you consider this version of the Bulldogs. After the loss at South Carolina, everyone counted them down for the count. Hell, the pundits were giddily sweeping any chance of UGA winning both the past two games under the carpet. Georgia isn't following their little narrative, and in fact looks stronger now than they did when Gurley was allowed to play. Give that some thought. 

October 19, 2014

Desmond Howard is now on the Nick Chubb wagon

Excellent work by @BassinDawg:

Meanwhile, on the Flats...

The AJC is in a snippy mood about Tech's second straight loss...
For two weeks, they pumped up their fan base. They inflated hopes. They made people believe that a season in which not a whole lot was expected could morph into a bowl game well north of Shreveport.
Then Georgia Tech took that balloon and shot it with bazooka. Twice.
Schultz has no problem with the offense. In fact, it looks like Tech is doing just fine recruiting the players they need to run their offense. The problem is coaching (and probably recruiting) defensive players to keep things close.
North Carolina had such low regard for Tech’s defense – and why is coordinator Ted Roof suddenly looking as beleaguered as his predecessors? – that it went for it on fourth-and-six from the Jackets’ 36 early in the fourth quarter, leading only 35-31. Result: Marquise Williams threw a touchdown pass to Mack Hollins.
And of course, StingTalk doesn't disappoint...

The Florida Misery Files

And the change in mindset going into a bye week before Georgia-Florida is stunning:
If Muschamp keeps his job this week, he then has two weeks to get the Gators ready to face Georgia.
The Bulldogs routed Missouri on the road 34-0 last weekend. The Tigers led the Gators 42-0 at one point Saturday night.
In other words, another ugly loss likely awaits Muschamp, who is 0-3 against Georgia and 3-10 in his last 13 games overall.

Will Muschamp has issues

Not to bury the lede or anything, but...
The piece is an ode from someone tired of reporting on a team that invents new ways to go backwards. When you start pointing out the good that Brent Pease and Charlie Weis did, you know it has gotten bad. The fun part is that Dooley has been one of the more level headed when it comes to Florida.


Sunday Morning Comes: Arkanas

I know I missed how we'd win; I'm ok with that. What I'm mad about is that I didn't predict how we'd be so aggressive defensively early, creating the scenario where we'd be up by so much at half. I'll get to the second half touchdowns later today, and some of them were legit drives by the Hogs, but this was the kind of game I thought we'd be in after Clemson.
  • I guess you have to start with the turnovers. Both fumbles were directly caused by our aggressive approach. Give Pruitt credit for the defensive adjustments after that first Arkansas drive. Both interceptions were the result of our much improved play on the ball during passes. 
  • It isn't an overstatement to say Swann's interception quelled any chance Arkansas had of stealing back the momentum going into the half.
  • I loved the way our front seven handled their huge offensive line.
  • I didn't love the way our LBs looked like they missed picking up releasing TEs and slot receivers. As I mentioned, I'll get to the second half TDs later today, but we've still got work to do in middle field coverage.
  • Georgia gave Arkansas seven first downs via penalty. A couple were hairline calls on out of bounds hits. Three were holding/PIs by Bowman. That isn't to get down on Bowman; he's in his second week at the position. One was a coin flip that could have gone against Arkansas. I think that'll stop as he grows into the position.
  • Still, holding a top five nationally rushing team to 2.5ypc below their average is strong work.
  • Nick Chubb: 30 carries, 202 yards. Yeah, Nick Chubb can carry our team all he wants.
  • Also, it is good to see Hutson Mason getting some confidence back. 
  • And Chris Conley being the recipient of that.
  • Give the offensive line, and Quayvon Hicks, credit for the blocking they did in the first half. Outside of a couple of times where Arkansas run blitzed and got it right, Chubb didn't face contact until two or more yards past the line of scrimmage. 
  • Part of the reason Arkansas was able to come back is their defensive line won the battle in the second half, at least until the game ending drive. The inconsistency of our offensive line is going to be a recurring theme here on out, I'm afraid.
  • Give our Dbacks credit. They have to be our most improved until through seven games. They still have some room to improve, especially in man on man situations, but they are doing a great job in zone coverage, close on the ball/get hands on the ball better, and time hits on the receiver much better than last year.
  • Our special teams were pretty good, with the exception of punting. Barber has been inconsistent. Erickson did a good job pinning Arkansas inside the ten with his, but neither look like they are getting good height on the ball. 
  • Morgan had five touch backs/kicks into the end zone. I'll take that all day.
Give Arkansas credit for taking what Georgia was giving in the second half. We lost defensive focus and they made us pay. Offensively, we tightened up due to the lead, but we also didn't take but one down field shot, and that was a touchdown. 

And we won on the road against a team that very few outside of Athens thought we'd win against. 

October 18, 2014

Will Muschamp, we hardly knew ye

I remember when we wanted to fire Mark Richt to 'lock up Muschamp.'

This is the end of the Muschamp era, right?

Notre Dame vs. FSU

Catholics Obfuscating investigations, at best vs. Alleged Criminals Criminals Definitely didn't sign 1000's of items for money because he said he didn't
It's only funny because it's not funny

Yeah, I'm not excited about the match up. We've been derisive, maybe rightfully so, maybe not, of the "Georgia Way" this week. Notre Dame and Florida State are examples of programs that we should never want our program to be.

You can argue that FSU is merely trying to help their star. I'd argue they've gone a very long way in fostering his mindset of invincibility. As much as I want to win a National Championship, it should never come at the cost of being a program that is willing to actively thwart a rape investigation.

Same goes for FSU.

We've got our problems at UGA. I get the argument that we may have taken the hardest of roads with the Gurley investigation, but I think that complaint is not ripe until more information is made public. But if you want UGA to become FSU or Notre Dame in the pursuit of a National Championship, from my view, you are way more concerned with yourself than UGA.


3 Questions: Arkansas

Ok, Saturday morning questions as this is the only game I'll not see in person for the rest of the season....
  1. Can Georgia neutralize their passing game? I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but if Pruitt's gang has Arkansas in an 'all we can do is run' mind set, we'll be able to handle whatever they have. Arkansas had Texas A&M beat until they got cute (and nearly successfully so) throwing the ball. If we take that away from the Hogs, we have an advantage late in the game.
  2. Which team wins the turnover battle? Georgia's successes have hinged on aggressively creating turnovers, while avoiding them when we have the ball. If we win the field position battle due to turnovers, we'll win the game. That simple.
  3. Can Georgia play within our themselves? Putting aside the non-sense with Gurley, we have a deeper and more talented team than Arkansas. Will Arkanas present a challenge we haven't faced yet? Absolutely. Do we have a team that can slow that running game down and turn around and make them pay with our running game? I think so.
Like I said yesterday, I fully expect us to be behind during the first half, only to come back to win with a pounding running game and some surprise passes thrown in late. 

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